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what do you guys think?? need insight!!!

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ok..so here's a little bit about my story:


i was dating this girl four years ago , we only dated for 6 months but it was the first person i ever fell hard for. she broke up with me saying that she had too many issues in her personal life to be in a relationship..we ended things in good terms. it really broke my heart and it took a long time to get over her.


now, the kicker is she contacted me on myspace for the first time last year out of the blue. i havent talked to her since we broke up and she says in her email that she just wanted to know how i was doing and that she hopes everything's going well. well i emailed her, kept it simple. she told me that she was engaged broke it off and has been single for a couple of months now. she sent a friend request on myspace, i accepted, why not right? but i never commented on her page , she has occasionally but it has not been reciprocated. Now its been a couple of months since the initial contact by her and this is where it takes a turn.

i was online one night and she instant message me we talked for a while, then out of the blue she apologized for disappearing and breaking things off, that she didnt mean to hurt me, etc. I told her that it was fine, it was along time ago and i'm over it. after that we havent talked until this week.

i was on vacation all last week and was not online for that entire time, when i went online this week, she im's me and asks me how my vacation went, what did i do where did i go etc, we talked for while, she indicated that she wanted to hang out, well ever since she began contact out of the blue, i havent asked her if she wanted to hang out in person all this conversations have been online only!

well i want to know is why is she always initiating conversations with me, what does she want, she knows where i stand with exes, i never date them again, thats my rule, so all i can offer is friendship, i'm seeing someone and if she knew what was going on she would feel very uncomfortable.what do you guys think ? should i keep talking to her? she is a great person to hang out with, very fun and we have lots of things in common. what do you think?

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Stay true to the girl you are dating. I would not meet up with her and I would not continue the conversation/chats/IM's. She walked from you, she walked from her fiance... I clearly don't know her but I would guess she is not quite stable and you probably do not need someone like her in your life. My guess is she would only complicate things...

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I agree with OP. Especially since you are dating someone right now, I don't think you want to resume talking, hanging out with this ex. OP is right in saying she will only complicate things now.


She broke up with you, she broke the engagement...she seems like a person who is still trying to figure out who she is and what she even wants or needs.


So, best to leave her alone to figure all this out for herself. I don't think you need to be involved.

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