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I don't know what to do...


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Well, I've been through a bad breakup before where the person that broke up with me was really fake, like she didn't act herself when I first met her, but changed into a completely different person and it took me awhile to get over her. That one I can admit was a bad relationship and not a good to ask back.


But, this one is different. The day I met this girl, she impressed me. I seriously never thought I would meet a girl like her. We went out for 2 months almost 3 months and it's the 29th of august that i'm posting this and we have been broken up 3 months and some days now and I haven't gotten over her. I can't seem to get over her no matter what I do.


She claimed that the reason she broke up with me was because she couldn't handle the relationship and didn't want another relationship for awhile. She's not lying about the not wanting another relationship because she hasn't been with anybody else after me.


I've tried to find other people, but they never work out and now I just want to stay single for awhile until I feel ready enough to find another relationship. I've tried to get over her, but so far everytime I think I'm over her, the feelings come back.


I also told her how I felt a week ago, and I asked her how she felt today and she said she doesn't have feelings for me like she did before.

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well ......very sorry for your hurting and pain, I'm in it myself right now .....


she doesn't have feelings for me like she did before. Those are the words no man wants to hear .....not ever.


Here is something that will really help you...but you have to listen to it all the way to the end link removed


Trust me I know and feel your pain .....its tough

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