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I got the job!

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I am super excited because this weekend got off to an excellent start!


I applied for a job last week and got a call Monday for an interview yesterday.


I went, and I know I made a few mistakes, but the interview-er wanted me back for a 2nd interview today. I didn't think I'd get the job at all, but I went with it.


I went back today and had a 2nd interview with the district manager. It went much more smoothly today. At the end, the district manager and the interview-er left the room to discuss a 3rd interview, as it's normally a 3 interview process.


They came back and told me they decided there would be no interview. My heart sank at this point.


Then he asked if I would be willing to accept X amount as my pay! I was feeling like " * * * !! YEAH!@"


So I have a new job that I start in 3 weeks, and finally in the field that I want to start a career in too ^.^

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I really am. And I just found out that I may be able to work with a friend that works for the same company and referred me. If so, I know it will make it a lot easier to enter the company. I'll have some expectations to live up to, I think, and I'll have to make sure I don't tarnish his image in anyway as he's expecting a promotion soon.

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