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ex texts me after 1 week of nc again...


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Some quick background, my gf and I of 2 years broke up about 5 months ago. After some NC she began texting and I ignored her until eventually I answered one of her calls. She told me she regretted breaking up etc. We begun hanging out but nothing really changed. I asked her if she would give us a second chance and she said "not now". I went back into NC ending with this "please don't contact me unless you want to talk about us". Well I wake up today and see a text from her at 7 AM saying "that last kiss ill cherish till we meet again!" seriously what the * * * * ! is she trying to do to me. An hour later she phones me which I don't answer and doesn't leave a message.


Is it me or am I just very jaded at this point. I honestly think this means nothing! Should I just keep ignoring her or text her back again saying please dont contact me unless you are serious about us. What do you guys think? What the hell was the point of that text....


Thankyou guys for reading my post any advice/insight/anything is appreciated

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Soccer as a woman, yes, ignore her. You made it clear where you stand.

She needs to respect that. I have a wishy washy ex who asked for "space" a few days

ago. I am giving him that, and THEN some. He emailed me yesterday and I have not yet

responded because it is not worthy of one. This is fresh and raw right now, but if you can stick to what you say...she will likely come running back, but even more important YOU will be in control of your emotions, and your destiny.That's ALL that matters!!!!!

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