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I'm trying to worry and feel sad about something.

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turn it around and instead of looking for the negative .. find the positive...


for instance:


I just got a pretty decent bonus from my job-

a week after i got the bonus i had to use the money for something unexpected.


I could have been really really depressed and sad that i had to use my bonus on a bill instead of what i had planned.


However, instead of being sad and depressed i thought - well thank god i had the money otherwise i dont know what i would have done.


You just have to start looking on the bright side of things- and i think that as you continue taking your medication you will begin to see things in a different perspective because you won't be battling depressive/anxious thoughts as well.

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Being worried and afraid can be a pattern, and to break a pattern you need to make forceful changes in how you think. No one but you can do this for you, but you can do this. You just have to believe.


Every time something comes up that worries you, ask yourself this question "Will this affect me ten years from now? Will I even remember that this happened ten years from now?"

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