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Dating a girl I got in touch with through a friend


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I recently moved to a different state, and one of my old friends told me that one of her old highschool friends is coming over here to study. [for the record, I am a guy]. She gave me her phone number, and today I met her in the city where she's temporarily staying.

She looks like a really nice girl and we had a long, fun chat (at least in my opinion). We never really called it a date, so I don't really know what she thinks about this. She's new to the area, so she might think of it just as a nice-to-know-you meeting.


As far as body language was concerned, she did cross and uncross her looks, kept looking at me, smiled, played with her hair...


However, after about an hour and a half she asked me when I had to catch my train back. I felt like, "Shoot! I blew it. She's getting bored and is trying to shake me off politely". I'm not sure whether I really let the thing drag on too long, or whether she was actually trying to be courteous (she knew I had to catch the train back by a certain time).


We parted (no kissing, just shaking hands) and she said she'd let me know when she comes to my city (where she'll start studying soon).


I'm not sure whether this was a positive, negative, or neutral first step. Maybe we just need to meet again in a different setting?

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I think it was quite positive to neutral. Her body language suggested strong indications of interest, and I think she asked when your train was coming, hoping she could hang out with you for longer.


She may have been slightly bored at the end, but it's not a deal breaker. Next time you hang out with her, touch her slightly on the arm or shoulder and gauge her reaction from that.


I know a lot of people who had mediocre first dates, and then the second date just completely floored them, and they had lasting relationships afterwards. Don't sweat it.

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