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What do you consider a "nice butt" guys??

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I am trying to get in shape. I have a decent size rear end, not huge

but certainly not tiny. I wish I could fit in those "skinny jeans" sometimes

but I know that will never happen. Right now I wear between a size 7-8, but I feel like I'm all butt hips, and thighs. lol

Do guys like hourglass figures?? I am starting to date again and need some

good pointers.

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I know someone who owns a dry cleaning business and won a bid to do

dry cleaning on a movie set that Jessica Biel was in. He said she is tiny in real life.Wears like a size 0-2. I won't ever look like that.lol


what does her waist have to do with her booty? it might accentuate it but that doesn't mean you can't tone yours up.

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