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Worried about going on the pill

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I'm 17 and I have mild acne, and I also get really bad period pain (I went home from school early today because it was so horrible), anyway, my mum mentioned a while ago that I could go on the pill if i wanted to, and now shes booked me into the doctors for tomorrow because she thinks I should go on it as it would help. I'm a bit worried and I don't know if I really want to go on it. I'm not sure how it might effect me, and I don't want it to disturb my relationship with my boyfriend if I get spotting and discharge all the time. At this stage of our relationship the contraception qualities of the pill doesn't really concern either of us, yet.

Anyway, I was just wondering about the side effects of the contraception pill, how many women get the spotting and discharge, decrease in sex drive, mood swings etc.


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I'll tell you this - I have tried 2 different kinds of BC and both made me so SICK.. nauseous all the time and just tired cranky etc.. they say you need to have your body get used to it.. but if I tried both for 3 months each and I still felt like that and the first actually I gained weight from - and I always thought this was a myth.. well i care about my body and I'm not going to sacrifice what I look like just so that I can be on BC.. I gave up... and gave up on the thought of BC for a while... either or decided to give it another try and my body seemed to adjust to that one fine.. and as far as spotting and everything goes.. none for me... finding the right birth control is kind of like a hit and miss type of thing and depends how your body reacts to it.. Also if you have acne so you saying that you have mild acne it might actually clear up.. mine did... and as far as the cramps go.. I have been to the hospital 3 times due to cramps without BC and when I started taking this one they just got a LOT BETTER and I can manage...

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I started the pill 1.5 years ago because my period was very irregular and I hated not being able to predict it. I have been on 3 different pills (switched the first time from name brand to generic for $$ reasons, and the second time because of decreased sex drive). I have not had any problems with spotting between periods and it has greatly improved my skin which I have battled with for years (yay!). Also, no problems with weight gain or nausea, etc.

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There is a pill that also helps with acne. I am 32 years old and have been on this one off and on for the past 5 years and when I am taking it NO BREAKOUTS! Its great! It is Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. I don't think that the pill has other side effects, at least non that I have noticed. But it definitely helps with the cramping for me too. I used to have MONSTROUS cramps, but not anymore. Good luck.

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The first brand of pill i went on i was fine. No side effects at all. It really depends on your body and the type of pill everyone is different so really its best for you to try it and see Keep a diary or notes if you have mood swings, headaches or nausea etc then it will be easier to see how its affecting you.


Explain to your boyfriend that you might be affected for a little while by it and he should support and help you. If you are still affected by it after a few months then go bck to your doctor. Dont be afraid to talk to him or her openly about it.


Also it might not help your period pain and PMS. I stll have pretty sucky periods, especially leading up to them and the first day...so really try and learn other ways of coping with them, hot water bottles or heat applied to the area really helps.


They may setlle down a bit in a couple of years also. But try and figure out ways to work through them, as when your old (not wanting to sound condescending) you cant really have days off due to periods (unless they are very very severe but this is a medical condition)


So try different things and see what works best for you good luck x

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