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The Sacret Heart Diet

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Hey Everyone!


I was wondering if any of you have done the Sacred Heart diet before. AKA the soup diet.

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I'm doing it now just to see if it actually works, (and partly cuz the soup is yummy hehe) and i'm upto day four and i have lost 2 kilos. I actually feel really good, I'm going to stick it out for the seven days, just because everyone told me I couldn't! HA!

I did it a couple of years ago as a last ditch effort to get slim for summer. Lost 5 kilos and kept it off for two years. Till we bought the mini deep frier, then it was all about dimmies, fish, chips and chicken!

Anyone ever tried this one? How much did you loose? How did you feel on it?

Thanks for the input, talk to you all soon.

Luv Kate xOx

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Thats a top effort, well done!

I'm regretting getting that deep frier now, lol, thinking of going NC with it, hehe. I'm not usually a bad eater, it was after my bad breakup I got stuck into maccas and chocolate etc. I wasn't eating at home because after he started being a *bleep* I didn't want to be there.

As I said after my seven days I would like to keep eating healthily, as I'm feeling pretty damn good after all the fruit and veggies i've been getting stuck into. I've been going to the gym too every two or three days, and i'm actually enjoying it - shock horror! I was even craving oranges yesterday, I sat and had three of em and it was so good, and afterwards I felt good too! Wish all my cravings were healthy ones.


Anyone have any good healthy diet tips or good recipes?

Thanks for your answers so far! xox

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hey - sometimes it's good to have a 'kickstart.'


link removed She's lost over 100 lbs!!! amazing! she has some good recipes on there too. i've tried the turkey chili, i really like it.


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another meal plan series, i've done it several times and lose about 2 lbs every week i do it (about 1 kilo).

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Wow great

Thanks so much for that I will def go have a lookie! Trying (with some success so far) to get out of the 'depressed comfort eating oh me oh my' stage of my life and get into the 'happy healthy loving life' stage.


Thankyou again for your help, any other ideas hints and tips from everyone are helpful too.

Gana go have a banana smoothie - yum!


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