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Feel like a nut case


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Hello All,


First, let me thank you for even reading this. I'm a 25 year old male, that has a lot going on in my life for the negative. I'm a loner, I think I'm gay (and living with homophoebic family members), I have an autistic brother, and I have speech issues. I'm just feel like I'm at a lost and don't know what to do. I try searching for the "solution" or "fix" to my issues and haven't been able to find them. I get real jealous too when I see people that just have it together and wonder why, I have to deal with all these crazy issues in my life. Does anyone have any advice or words of encourgement, i'm really at a lost.

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Learn to love and accept yourself - be grateful for the things you do have and realize that you are the only won controls what happens in your life... THINK POSITIVE no matter how messed up things can be - try looking towards the bright side and most of all DONT WORRY about things too much. Now this might be advice to you and this might as well be advice I should use.. I'm trying and doing my best and each day gets better and better...

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Okay this may sound harsh and i honestly don't want to offend you, but you need to stop focusing on the negatives in life and try your best to see the good.


You feel as though you are alone, join something that will ensure you meet people. Perhaps a charity where you could meet some lovely people, also having an autisic brother will allow you to understand those who are disabled a bit more then the average person. Making others happy and seeing others smile can be quite infectious and knowing that you are doing something good will make you feel good.


But i can completely understand if charity work isn't for you. What are your interests? Books, sports, gardening? Find a place that works with what you like and meet people with similar interests to you.


Being gay is NOTHING to be ashamed about. Coming out can be very hard, and especially if your family won't be supportive. But there is nothing wrong with you or how you feel and you shouldn't let anyone tell you there is. I know thats so much easier said then done. I know that its hard not to let the critical words bring you down but if you take what people say to heart you will always be hurting.


Be proud of you.


I myself play the "why me" card alot. It gets to a point where you do honestly wonder why all these bad things continually happen. Why some people get to live life without seeing half the things that you do. But if you dwell on it it will bring you down more. Find something about you or your life you like. Something you can focus on. Also realise that somewhere people are suffering just as much if not more then you. Im not saying you do not have a right to hurt. Not at all. Everyone can hurt no matter what their circumstances but its important to realise how lucky we are as well.

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