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Just a vent before I explode.




Well one of my friends is really annoyed at me because along time ago in a journal I written some awful stuff about how I hated her for entering my life n stuff but I didnt mean it! I know your thinking "eh?" but I usually written that crap during breakdowns and just wanted to blame someone. So now shes found out she wont let it go and shes holding it against me. 1 week ago we were like best friends now I after yet another confrontation tonight after asking if she was okay cos she was upset n she had anothr big go at me, i think i just made it worse by talking to her. Now I don't know what to do, I love her but she seems really really pissed off at me n I've never seen it before. "I.don't.give.a. * * * * .about.how.you.feel." her words x.x what can I do? Sorry doesnt seem to work.


My other friend also a she, just learnt about the lies I told her, yes yes this one is bad, I lied a * * * * load to one of my best friends. ( I know...I know, she has ever right to be pissed off) But now I've told her the truth n stuff she has no idea if she can continue being my friend and I certainly will never get her trust again. I mean in my eyes the lies were something I could forgive and forget. I only lied bout my past (only lol) n I just dont know what to do now. I deserve this I know but she really is a kickass friend and I told her i never lied about caring for her, or wanting her to be happy etc.


But on the plus side one of my friends written something really really sweet in there blog and that made my day until of course the argument before.


I swear sometimes I just wanna hit them and then hit myself!


Oh here comes anotehr friend which I must make it up too!

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Well its kinda a journal (book) of my life over the past year and well she was my best friend and I wanted someone to read it, I'm not sure why but I didnt want to be the only person, she accepted reading it cos I trusted her the most, but now shes just holding it against me and totally forgot why she took it in the first place.


And yes lying badddd and I've done it most my life. If I loose them 2 I'm definatly changing but I will even if I dont cos then that means I've been given another chance. Cant mess it up again!

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