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Should I Listen and Leave Her?


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I have a strange situation. I posted before under "dating". But now some time has passed and I'm not sure where me and this girl are.

Here's some facts:

My ex-wife of 7 years was not a citizen and married me for her green card and then when she left me it seemed she used me for a green card. I had two breakdowns. Got so severely depressed I had to lose my job, my life in CA and move back with my parents (at age 33) in MA, accross the country.

OK-- so after hospital treatment and making new friends, I get on with my life. I meet this girl one day. She is not a citizen either.

I try not to hold that against her. We talk over the phone for about 1 1/2 months, then meet up. I fall for her. Then things get complicated when she decides she was going to skip out on her Au Pair job and go live illegally with her (illegal) Aunt in CA.

She breaks up with me 4 times because of this. Saying it's best not to meet since we'll just both get our heart broken if she leaves.

Now reality set in for her and seems like she will be here in the US until April 2009 or maybe even April 2010. She's obviously not able to just up and leave.

She's saying she is sorry she hurt me. But I'm battling depression. I was so happy I got off medication and now this is bringing me back down. Everyone tells me not to trust her. Should I just let her go?

When I tried to split with her she just cried and cried and talked to me for hours on the phone.

Oh, and get this--- one day she texted me saying "If you truly love me then why don't we marry?" i texted back saying i'm not able to consider this so soon and she didn't take it well and we ended up splitting. So she did mention marriage already (we've been on about 10 dates)

Should I just find a way to let her go? Or pursue something with her?

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i listened to the mp3 all the way through.

please why don't i have the clarity to feel certain that i have to let this girl go?

is she messing with me or am i just blind?

i have the logic to say the everybody else can't be wrong. everyone on enotalone, my friends, relatives, parents, brother.

is there something wrong with me?

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