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Love to love, love to be loved


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Ever get that I want to fall in love feeling, as in I was a boyfriend/girlfriend?

I always find when I am consciously looking for someone they never come, its always when I least expect it. But at the moment my brain is practically programmed to always (at least on a subconscious leve)l be looking for someone, I don't know why and I wish it would stop.


I'm starting college at the begginging of this september which is pretty soon and I have stupid hopes that I'll meet someone. I bet thats a really bad hope to have? No expectations right? Anyway for some people it seems like its so easy for them to just jump in and out of boyfriends/girlfriends for me it seems impossible hah. All that has happened for the past few years is guys hitting on me at parties and the odd few dates here and there which lead to nowhere!

This is basically just a rant, please don't mock me too much for being a hopeless romantic teenage girl.

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just have fun... and go along with life... when you look for guys to come into your life its usally the wrong type of guys.. people that just wanna use you... just have fun with friends and college experince.. and like you used when you least expect it.. the right guy will come along... it might be after college... most college rel are just based on fun and hooking up... and understanding what a person wants out of a SO...

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stranded, you are so young! It will happen, give it time. It might even be a little better that it happens later for you so you know what you want. Guys at your age probably have little clue as to what true love is anyways. being a hopeless romantic is what makes the world go round, otherwise we would all give up on love and have to many pets. You are smart, beautiful and very wise for your age. College will be great and many people use the new start to come out of their shells. Be open and smile...how can they resist that?



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