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okay so i too am worried i may have an sti or some sort of infection or allergic reaction down there, but i dont know where from.


i'll preface this by saying i know 110% my gf wouldn't ever cheat, and i also haven't cheated. this just confuses me even more but i'll give you the details... dont read it if you're uncomfortable doing so.


about a month ago the head started to become increasingly itchy. One night it got so itchy i found myself rubbing it almost constantly to make it feel better. that night i woke up at maybe 3am with such an intense itch that i went to the bathroom. i ran cold and warm water over it, but it didnt help - the only way it felt better was when i rubbed/itched it. it didnt look abnormal in any way and this may be an insane guy logic but i thought to myself - maybe because i havent had sex in a while (my gf was ill, then she was 'on') that maybe i just needed a release. strangely after i'd done that, it felt a lot better and i got back to sleep relatively easily. never thought any more about it to be honest.


fast forward a month, it's been totally fine and i've been having regular sex as normal, but it's started itching again in the same way as before. it's started as a small itch and it got worse last night, i slept ok but this morning through the afternoon i know it's getting worse again. seeing as i'm at work i'm not comfortable doing the same solution as last time - but added to this i had a check in the bathroom and i've seen that it's a little off colour on the head of it so i'm a little more concerned.


only things i've done recently which i think might maybe have a connection are:

==i bought some new boxers which i've been wearing this week - i wore them straight from the package but maybe i should have washed them first?

==before last night, i hadn't had a shower for a two days. i usually have a shower every night but i've been busy and i didn't smell.. perhaps it was poor heigene? (as gross as that sounds i hope its the case)

==at work i cleaned a toilet seat that someone had kindly peed all over before using it (i was desperate). i put toilet tissue down after as well but i worry that it could have been that?

==perhaps whatever i had last time was a flare up of something i've caught somehow (??) and it's flaring up again for some reason?


beyond that i have no idea what it could be.

i've got to run to a meeting, but i'll swing by later and see what people think Thanks all!

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There are all kinds of chemicals on unlaundered fabric, so the unwashed shorts could cause an allergic reaction.


Or else a reaction to laundry soap, or fabric softener, or powder or perfume you or you girl use. Even perfumed toilet paper can cause a reaction in some people.


Could be jock itch (fungal infection). Go to the store and buy a spray for that.


And try some benadryl if it starts itching and see if it helps. If it does, it is probably an allergic reaction.


If it doesn't subside, then consider the doctor.

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yeah thats what i meant by off colour, a couple of little blotches. they dont itch persay but that's why i was concerned. i looked up online and it does sound possible.

Apparently also, my sister had thrush last week and didn't tell me, so when we went over to theirs and had a shower..... God I can't even go there I feel ill...

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You might already know this but can i just say though that if its a yeast infection that youve got from your gfriend it doesnt mean shes cheated, gilrs get yeast infections from all sorts if things, from perfumed soap, antibiotics drugs, wearing too tight/ non cotton underwear etc.


Not changing their panties.. I heard a girl in middle school, haha long long long time ago! Got one because rumor had it she had one thong and wore it too much.

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It defiantly sounds like a yeast infection. Or even the beginning signs of a urinary tract infection, both you could pick up from your girlfriend.


Also I would talk to your girlfriend and let her know that maybe she can let you know when she is having a Yest infection or urinary tract infection. Oh and Thrush is a yest infection... don't know if you knew that.

Maybe she didn't know she could pass it to you. Yeast infections can get nasty.

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so you guys know, i went to the local GUM (sexual health) clinic and they pretty much said it looks like Thrush. He gave a pill for myself and my girlfriend to take, should clear up within 1-3 days. No sex till then.

Oh well, at least I can stop freaking out (provided it does actually go away!)

Thanks all!

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