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Asking Girls Out Who are Working


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I wouldn't bother unless you already experience a great deal of success such that the answer is that if you need to ask the question it is a no.


Generally speaking girls are hired to work behind the counter for their looks - depending on where it is. At my work (which isn't that flash) they're all very attractive young ladies and I wouldn't bothers asking any of them out upfront like that because the answer would be 'no'.


But there is no harm in asking.

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I am probably not the best person to be giving advice on this matter as I failed in this area myself. But anyways if you want to learn from my mistake...


... If you see a girl at Her work who you are attracted to, then you go and talk to Her by buying something, and you really dig Her personality as well and She at least seems interested / friendly, don't delay and think "I'll just ask for Her number next time I come by or see Her around." There may not be a next time!


Just pretend you have to go but you'd like to get Her number and call Her sometime.


Don't do what I was doing and wait for the 'right moment' in the conversation: The chances are, with her being at work, She will have to go and serve a customer or something before you get to that point.


Sure, have a chat, build a bit of a repoire with Her, but as much as you might be enjoying the talk, you will probably have to cut it short for now yourself before She has to and go back to work.


That is the main difference in getting a girl's number in general situations as opposed to asking a Girl out when She is on duty at work.

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'hi, do you work here?' lol jk


was she serving you? i'm guessing not. but you can go up and order something separate from whatever you were getting. start a conversation. i hit on girls at work. the dynamic is different and you shouldn't bug them too much as it is their job.

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