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Ex Broke-up with me ... Now he's being mean?


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I'm partially writing this to get answers, partially writing this just to release.


Basically to make a long story short, my boyfriend of over a year and I broke up about two months ago [he was the one who ended it]. We haven't really talked to each other in these past two months -- only twice, the first time about a month after the break-up, the second time about a week after that. Normally the phone conversations would go well and we were extremely friendly.


He still has a bunch of my things and I do of his. I've been trying my absolute hardest to get it back and he has been extremely bi-polar about it. Sometimes he's really nice about it [saying that he's sorry that our schedules are so busy that we kind find a time to meet up and exchange, but that he hopes we can soon] and other times he's incredibly mean [saying that if I don't come grab my things from him he's going to donate everything to Goodwill]. It basically feels like he's holding my things for ransom! I try to call him to schedule a time to meet and he won't answer, but he'll text me literally seconds after the call saying that I need to get my things. I tell him I want to, but find it impossible when he refuses to schedule a meeting time and won't answer his phone [am I crazy for thinking that that's a little childish??]!


I guess I'm just really frustrated and I don't understand why he's acting this way! I've tried my hardest to move on past this relationship and although I'm not COMPLETELY over it, I'm pretty far along [i would say 90%-ish over-it]. I don't understand why he'll be nice sometimes and then do a complete 180 and be mean. I wanted to salvage a friendship out of this but now it seems all hope is lost.


Could there be any explanation for his behavior? I feel like he decided to end the relationship so he shouldn't be acting this way? [every time I've ended a relationship I still try to be as cordially as possible -- and with his past exes he's still pretty cordially to them as well]. I have a feeling that he knows that I've been seeing someone new and is hurt by that? Or perhaps he's just showing his true colors. It just feels all so bipolar. Also, I want to see if I can get closure to our relationship [i will not delve into this topic, but trust me there was no real closure to the relationship] -- but I'm not sure if that's in the cards right now. Should I push for that? My parents say that I should get my stuff and go -- but I really want to have the last "talk" so I just don't know.

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explanation? he can tell from your voice and how you talk to him that you are almost over him and unfortunately he is probably kicking himself in the a** for it and realizing he has made a mistake. And since he is not over and you almost are he is being rude.. thats the only thing i can think of

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It's just so frustrating to me! I would've done anything to get back together with him... anything. I was pretty much begging and on my knees when he said that we could no longer be together; it was the hardest few weeks of my life! I couldn't eat, I couldn't concentrate at work, I couldn't even sleep alone for a few weeks (I had to stay and sleep on my friend's couch for two weeks -- I'm not kidding). It took a long time for me to finally start the healing process and get better and even though I'm not 100%, I know I'm in a much better place now than where I was before.


I want to make bygones be bygones and have a friendship -- yet he's being so mean. Completely unlike the person I originally fell in love with. I know that he's still not completely over me too if he's behaving this way .. I just wish it could be civil.

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