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Everything I needed to know I learned from watching "Swingers".


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Guys. If you're having a hard go if it, please do yourselves a favor. If you haven't watched it already, rent the flick "Swingers".


Some of the best advice a lovelorn man can extract from that film. Here are just a few of my favorite lines.


"That's the thing. Somehow they [the ex] know not to come back until you really forget."


"You can't do anything to make them want to come back. You can only do things to make them NOT want to come back."


"Everyday you wake up and it hurts a little less until one day you wake up and it doesn't hurt at all. And it's almost like you miss the pain. For the same reasons you missed her. Because you lived with it for so long."



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I find watching High Fidelity usually makes me more sad. Maybe because I'm a DJ, I worked in a record store for 12 years, and I don't have NEARLY as many hot exes and John Cusack! And doesn't he get his ex back at the end of that? See, I hate happy endings. I never have any.


Feel free to make Asian massage jokes at your liking.

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