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LOL a notebook


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The guy I am dating, is really sweet...


We had a "talk" about past things in life and relationships, and us. And he stated that its usually easier for him to write down his feelings, to be able to express them correctly.


So I got one of those leather bound journals from walmart, and wrote him two letters in there, and gave it to him...He wrote back a 4 and half page letter...


I just think its cute.


I might have finally found a good one.


Who else has done something of the such?

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When I went overseas on vacation without my boyfriend, I journaled on a legal pad during the 7 hour plane ride there, while I was there, and also on the plane ride home.


I just missed him and felt as if I was really communicating with him, or that he was really "listening" to me, as I was writing.


When I came home, I gave him his gifts (handmade chocolates from overseas, and duty-free liquor and the legal pad that I had journaled in.


I express my thoughts and feelings WAY better in writing than I do in spoken words.

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Its a great idea. I have done this as well.

Because of our schedules, contact during the week is tough...and I used to find it very very hard. I would get a 10 minute phone call during the day and so much would happen during the day, and it was hard to spill myself in those 10 minutes, trying to scream over co-workers as he was eating..so we went through a tough period of feeling disconnected because of the chaos.


He picked us up both a little journal and we agreed to write in them during the week, and then swap them.

It really helped alot during that time period.

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