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should I let it go and try to be good friend with her again?


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my roomate and I was very good friends before, we're both from other country, (she's just been here). she bought a 3-month unlimited skype credit and let me use it too, I'm ok since it's unlimited and I thought I'll buy it next time. then she was charged again after her skype credit expired. she accused me of logging onto her account and used her credit card to buy more credit. she was very rude and unreasonable.


I told her to call the skype company. she finally did and it came out that her account was auto renewed. now she appologized and try to be good friends with me again.


I don't really know. I treat her like a sister before, but how can she does things like this? also I believe how you see others reflect what type of person you are, so I can't really trust her now.


just wonder what you'll do in my situation. can I be good friend with her or I'll just stay polite but distant from now on? thanks.

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