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Do I include this in my card?


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so im coming up on a year with my bf and am composing a card/letter.


anywho, when we went out to dinner one night (it was the first night he found out that i was officially his bc i was seeing someone previously, i know not the best situation). well my fortune cookie said "dont confuse temptation with opportunity". i thought that was perfect bc i was in a situation where i had a bf but wanted to be with my current bf so bad. i knew that my feelings for him were inappropriate since i had a bf, but i also thought that he was too good to not go for... that i couldnt not know what "us" would be like. it was like the cookie was telling confirming my thoughts, its not lust its love...


soooo i want to write about what the fortune cookie said that night (which i read to him that night for the record) and how it was right BUT do you think i should keep that out bc the saying/story brings up the thought of my ex? i mean im not going to write about my ex in the card of course, but it still is a reminder of that situation.


so is it appropriate/good to write that in the card?


just looking for your opinions

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