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So seriously- I can't decide if I want to join a sorority or not!

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I've been all about meeting new people- getting involved on campus and doing new things. So I felt a sorority was IDEAL for me...you could meet so many girls who could POTENTIALLY be life long friends and meet tons of guys Pick/Choose- not in a sexual manner.




I paid to rush and once it came to rush week it was so time consuming-I backed down because I started thinking I would be paying for my friends, I would be their b**** and I would be stuck there living with a bunch of fake girls.


Everytime I pass the Greek Village or see/talk to a guy/gal that's in one it automatically makes me want to be in one. The cute t shirts and bags && other cool stuff lol


I want to know if anyone has had experiences in a sorority or even frat.


Was it worth it..did it have a lot of benefits..is it worth paying two grand a year for etc.



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I was a commuter student to my rather large university in Va. I really wanted to meet people, and have a good time while studying for my BSN so I joined a sorority. I had a freaking blast. It's not about paying for friends (though the dues can be pricey and I understand why people would think that) but I was able to hold a high leadership position, meet some people that are my best friends, manage my commitment to my sorority, my job, and most importantly my studies, and had a d**n good time doing so.


Pleasssssssssssssse understand, it's a commitment--with money, time, and to people who are depending on you. A lot of people join, and then drop out because they can't handle the time commitment, they don't want to go to meetings, they don't want to do any of what is required to make a sorority work. And they bad mouth it. But if you can balance all your priorities, have the money, and want to meet a ton of people, then definitely look into joining one. It's not for everyone. But definitely made my college experience as great as it could be.

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I'm not in a sorority, but three of my very close friends were/are in the same one--and I know a few girls in the same sorority and a few others. In fact, one of my roommates lived with me during her rush process, so I got to hear all of the details (even though I wasn't supposed to sometimes, lol).


Anyway. I think that ideally, a sorority is a great thing for meeting new people, making friends, possible volunteer work (depending on the type of sorority), and just helping you to become a well-rounded individual. However, it is very time-consuming; it becomes your life, in a way--outside of academics, at least.


Also, you have to realize that just because you have a bunch of new "sisters" doesn't mean it's going to be smooth sailing. With my friends and their "sisters" there's always some kind of drama going on. Smaller "cliques" (or just closer groups of friends) form even within the sorority. Tempers can flare and, yes, there might come a time when you wonder, "Why the heck did I sign up for this?!" but my best bet is that you'll like it more than dislike it.


It's definitely something to think about.

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