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Do you ever forget your first love?

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My ex broke up with me about 3 months ago and we were each other's first loves. He told me that no matter what happens between us in the future, I'll always hold a special place in his heart because I was his first love. But then I was thinking that doesn't that change once you meet the person you end up with? Also, when we were together we always talked about getting married one day and I always wondered how realistic those hopes were because how many people actually spend their lives with their first love? I was just wondering if you think people ever forget their first love. Also, did you yourself end up with your first love or do you know someone who did?

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I've never forgotten my first love. It was a long time ago, but I still get a smile when I think about her. I don't remember the hurt anymore, I just remember the good times we had and how crazy I was about her.


With later relationships, the love was different each time. But I never forgot the first one, even though I was over her.


I think most people remember their first love. Some of them may not remember them FONDLY - but I'll bet they remember.



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I think everyone remembers their first love. That attraction where you felt butterflies in your stomach, saw fireworks in the sky, and felt on top of the world. Just knowing that another human being being cared for you enough to be your first crush, your first kiss, your first *whatever*. What an exhilirating rush and boost to one's ego that was. Huh?


It may be a new memory or a very distant one for us. But, it is something that will always stay with us. They are the one's that got the ball rolling for us and started us on the way towards finding our special someone.


I remember mine -- Mindy was her name. That was 30 years ago but she is still in my memory and always will be.



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No I haven't forgotten my first love he actually

recently just called me and we talked for an hour.

I know that we still care for each other but I have

a bf now which i've been goin out for 3 yrs and a half and

he lives like a million miles away. We fell inlove at the right place

but at the wrong time sux huh?!?!

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It has been about fifteen years since I was with my first love. I agree with the others on this one about smiling thinking about her. Jenn and I were with each other for about six wonderful months. That was till it ended and I was shattered emotionally. I have not thought about that pain in a long time and what a emotional growth experience it was. I don't remember the bad times I only have fond memories. I can tell you that the first love will never be forgotten ever. I seem to think less and less over the years but, never forgotten.


Hope this help,



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I am 20 now and I was 16 when I met my first love..


I remember him like it was yesterday, though he wasn't the best way to start relatioships I think because he was to.. aggressive.


Well, I had really fun times with him actually.


Even thought I think I actually did make the hit of the biggest prize thought my chances was 0.01 to find him I know have a guy who I intend to spend along time with in my life.


I will never say forever, because that can no one actually know.


But I know one thing, I have never realized what love was until I met him.


Though I have had a few relationships, but this one is the first serious relation ship.


And the first relationship always will be the base of your new ones.


That is how we learn.


But damn, Daniel, was special. Though not always nice, but he was special.


But I don't think I really loved him with all my heart, I think I actually can't let myself follow my heart to 100%.


But I have to admit he was my first love.

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