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Turning the unpleasant into pleasant


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One of the keys to turning the unpleasant into pleasant is to abandon the old view. It is very difficult to accept anything in the present moment if we are still clinging to the ways of the past. Reality always wins, whether we like it or not. Through these changes, we have the opportunity let go of the notion that things have to be a certain way. If we just accept change as being a part of reality, instead of denying it, then we will be more at peace with what happens today, tomorrow, and next week, regardless of how things used to be. The past was. Comparisons always add unnecessary tension to this moment. Be like a chameleon: change colors if it will keep you out of harm's way.


Be well.

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I would love to feel this way 100% of the time. In reality, I think I feel this way less than 20% of time.


I've come miles away from who I used to be. But when I sit back and really let reality sink in as best I can, I realize that I'm still not happy. I want certain aspects of my past back pronto, but nothing I've tried has helped me move toward what I crave.

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