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Laser eye surgery

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Hi all!


I've made an appointment to have a consultation about laser eye surgery. I just read a few articles on the procedure and feel freaked out. It says they actually cut my eye


I was already worried about having the drops in my eyes now I feel totally freaked out. Has anyone had it? I just wanted to know peoples experiences and if it hurt etc ... ?


Many thanks!


MG x

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I think you generally have it done when the 'power' of your eye stabilizes. That usually happens in your twenties...you might have to get that checked out. Have there been any changes to your prescription in the last year?


As for the procedure, yeah they sort of remodel your cornea. Its meant to be really efficient however there is a small risk. I havent had it done myself but according to other people...it doesnt hurt, you just look into a laser for a few seconds. They might give you a mild sedative. There a few minor complications such as dry eyes.

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on a more serious note, i have heard very mixed reviews about the surgery. as with any surgery, there are always risks involved.


infection, and even blindness on the scary side of things, but even something as inconvenient (though less dire) as at least 2 people i know (who do not know each other, and did not go to the same doctor) have experienced:


they did fine after surgery for a while, but then their vision became impaired again to the point where glasses are a necessity, and now (post surgery) neither contact lenses nor further corrective surgery are any longer an option. i believe that this has something to do with scar tissue, though i can't recall exactly. in any case, some people just don't respond that well to the surgery.


there are plenty of people, though, who have had it done, and had no problems.


i guess it's a gamble.

as for myself-- i happen to have really pronounced nearsightedness; hate my glasses, and am annoyed with the hassle of contact lenses; however, i am going to wait until either they perfect the process, or i am so blind already that gambling my eyesight will be a matter of nothing to lose and everything to gain.


i would definitely urge you to wait a few years, especially as you are young, and your eyesight will likely continue to adjust for a few years yet.

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