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Stay at my ex's parents house?

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Well, I moved back to San francisco yesterday and school started today. I am staying at a friends house but she is leaving tomorrow for a work seminar and I need to go. Ive been searching Craigslist day and night but havent found anything yet. My ex'es parents live about 35 minutes from here and since Im only going to school two days a week I;d only have to make the drive 2 days a week. My ex knows my situation and called me and told me to stay at his parents. I don't feel awkward about it to be honest because I was very close to them and my ex had lived at my parents house for months even while I was off in Brazil. The thing is I feel like me going there will just remind me once more of what I can never have again.


Should I suck it up and live rent free for a couple weeks while I get on my feet or stay in some shady hostel in SF? (oh and yeah.... I might as well throw it out there: a tiny, miniscule little part wants to stay there just to feel close to his parents and him) and ideas? feel free to let me know if Im insane.

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