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Hi all!


I'm not really looking for advice, I just wanted to write it down somewhere in hope it will make things more clear or it will become easier in some way. The thing is - I feel very lonely. So lonely that it becomes crazy. If I spent afternoon with a friend (male or female, it does not matter) and two minutes after they are gone, there comes that ugly feeling of being alone. Even if I am at my parents house where there are always people there, when I'm alone in my room it's still very lonely. I was never very social person, never had lot of friends but now that I have two really close friends (one male, one female) this crazy feeling is chasing me all the time. On another hand, I'm not really interested in anything for more than 5 minutes - not work, not gaming, not playing guitar, not riding a bike....nothing. It's just a crazy feeling....I don't know what to do anymore.

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