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I'm losing my friends


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Hello to everyone!


Last year I had some problems with my health and I was diagnosed with schizophrenia.For one year only my family knew this but I decided to tell it to my best and close friends.Now I think my friends are avoiding me, one friend, she stopped answering my calls and just disappeared! I feel very alone and I don't think I can make new friends-eventually they will also learn about my mental illness. I haven't spokem with my friends for many weeks and I think they will not want me.I've been alone for a long time and I think that I will be alone for the rest of my life...


I'm 21 and i'm on medication.I'm shy and I don't make easy new friends.I think that my life is ruined.How am I supposed to make new friends or even worse, get a girlfriend?:sad: I'm not brave enough to commit suicide...

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T_K, my gf's brother is schizophrenic, and from what I do know is that with medication it's a possible to live a normal life.


His biggest problem is that he goes on and off his meds. While I have no training in mental illness, I have to stress important it is to stay on your meds!


That said, committing suicide is about as opposite as it comes to real bravery. Real courage is dealing with life's struggles.


If those people ditched you, then their not really good friends, and aren't worth your time. Have you thought about taking up hobbies? How about looking into a mental health support group? Heck, you can meet life long friends playing World of Warcraft (maybe even a girlfriend!)


It's not easy to make friends, but with a little effort it is possible. Take up a sport, or volunteer, anything that you can do to get you out and meet people with similar interests.


Good luck, I really hope that people take the chance to get to know you.

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Alienation is very common today...and just greater amplified by your diagnosis. There is a flipside to it, if you should overcome it you'll be a man amongst men.


I would seek out a support group of some sort. Despite meeting people with the same issues you become comfortable with communicating with other humans.

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I was almost diagnosed with an anxiety disorder , i went on meds and i am fine today no problems . I am lawyer i practice in the courts , have friends and go out regularly on the weekends .


I would not worry about such friends , although you may want to keep this illness to yourself , i mean no point advertising it .


People never understand , except a few and then you dont want their symapthy.


You are young and have your whole life ahead of you , concentrate on a hobby and make yourself emotionally strong , that you do not depend on other people for their support.


Once you make a goal in life you will be well sorted to doing what ever you desire. I mean there are people worse off then you and then others...


give it a few months and always stay on your medication ..there is nothing wrong with that .

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DO NOT commit suicide, that's one thing for sure. Yes, things may seem horrible now, but honestly, you need to get yourself out of this feeling. I feel lonely myself, I have no friends whatsoever besides my wife/son. I feel detached from my wife, but I do love my son dearly... and that keeps me going.


Anyhow, suicide is neither for the strong/brave... The brave are the ones that endure and make it at the end and survive to tell the tale of how they were in a hole and got out. Be a survivor for your future friends and current family. Heck, if you need a friend to talk to, you can message me on here.


Just don't do anything stupid, it's really not worth it. I've thought about it many times myself, but I am always thankful that I didn't.

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