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I appreciate the advice


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Ok well thanks guys for being honest with your thoughts I really appreciate it. To answer one of the replies yes I have been going on dates and what not and I will still continue to keep those options open.


I know there is no excuse for what she did and yes my logical side is deff giving me protection or I deff have been watching the situation with guarded eyes.


Iam alot wiser now for sure and Iam not just opening the door for her to walk back in. On the other hand, even though Iam keeping myself protected what can I say love is a powerful emotion; however, I have noticed that during the 5 months we have been apart those dep deep feelings oflove for her have changed. I can't sit here and say I don't love her still cause I do. I have to be honest with how I feel but in that sense its a bit different now.


So in all reality I don't know I am being cautious and I know many will dissagree and perhaps you will all be right but I can not turn my back on her as far as trying to help her if in fact she does need to see a doctor or a therapist or something.


If anything even if she does screw me over at least this time I will know without a shadow of a doubt that I was the best I could be and I will be able to go to sleep knowing I tried and gave her my help. If she chooses to use me or I get sucked in then I guess she is a monster and I will be able to let go for good.


So Iam not going to be stupid. I will watch and listen and if I see anything I don't like or agree with like I also told her we are playing my way now and if you don't want to play by the rules Iam gone.


So we will see

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You think that you will be ok if she leaves you again but you won't. You say that now because you look at yourself 5 months after the fact and say hey I'm still alive and well and I was able to move on. The fact is that if she does it again you are going to be crushed for a few months after again.


As for loving her, I don't think people can stop loving somebody unless something tramatic happens. I still love my ex but not in the same way I love her as a person not as a lover. I think she is a wonderful person but I know she was and isn't right for me.


Be careful I don't want to see you beating yourself up again if she leaves.

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