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does this sound like he is breaking it off?


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hi, i got a phone call from one of my friends yesterday. she said that she had seen my bf out and that he looked terrible. really scruffy and really skinny. i haven't seen him for 3 weeks. so i was really worried because he always dresses really nice. i called him and told him that i was really worried about him. he said that he was better off being alone and that he didn't need to ruin my life. i told him that i thought he was great and that i have alot of fun with him. i told him i would back off and not call him but that i would at least like to be his friend. he just told me that, that is not what he meant. (whatever that means) the weird thing is that 3 weeks ago he told me that he loved me. now he is telling me he wants to be alone. i don"t know what to think or what to do. advice please.

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What's your history with him? Is this the first time he's gone all weird on you?


I would stop trying to guess what his motives or intentions are until he's ready to tell you. No need to tell him you're backing off. Just do it. Whatever is happening with him will become clear soon enough.

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