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Still healing but wanting to take that step_

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To start, I've been going solo ever since 2 1/2 years ago, it was a pretty hard breakup for me and kinda torn me apart from who I use to be, but after all time does heal everything__


The deal is, I met this wonderful girl and I'm really interested in her but the thing is when I found myself falling in love with her I got scared, I totally freaked and the thought of heartbreaks and misery came to mind_ so I told her I just don't know if I can do this, I didn't want her to see all the weakness inside of me but I opened up about how I'm just afraid of loving again, but I really want this for me and her.


For some reason I am afraid of relationships because of how badly the last one ended, I'm not sure I am too ready for a new relationship but the thing is I really want this one to work, I seriously don't want to push her away because of my fear. I want to move forward take that big jump and fall in love with her but I am afriad I'll get hurt_


I need to know if this is normal, I mean it has been 2 1/2 years and I do feel relieved from the last relationship_ I want to start new and need comfort and advice_

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At some point you have to take a leap of faith. Thats what love is all about. We never know where its going to take us. I say open your heart and go for it, before you lose her. Nothing is guaranteed in life apart from our ability to love. Dont waste it.


I agree. Also I like that nothing is guaranteed in life apart from our ability to love. Sounds much better than death and taxes.

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If you go into a relationships with negative thoughts of "what if i get hurt again" its not going to work.. so think positive!! think to yourself that you deserve to be happy and good things are meant to happen to you and she wont hurt you.. Usually what we think - at least the negative thoughts rubs off on the people we are with and for some odd reason they can see right through u... so POSITIVE THOUGHTS ONLY!

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