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hi, im new...and alice c fan means alice cooper fan


now, your probably gonna think im a bastard after you hear my story, but i hope you still answer back well, imagine this group of girls, and then imagine one of them going out with(dating) this dude, and then imagine this other dude, who's a closer friend to me than dude A, is going out with another one. i hang out with this group of chicks after school, and its awesome, and we're all friends, but then dude A (lets call him mick) joined us. he only came when his girlfriend did, and he was a great guy and didnt try to embarras me or become the alpha male or nothing (which was pretty awesome). but then dude B (lets call him patrick) decided he'd join us one afternoon, because his girlfriend had come with us. now, that was cool, he wouldnt be naughty with her there, but then today he decided to come along with us..despite the fact his girlfriend wasnt with us. ok, heres the set-up for this afternoon. theres me, one girl (lets call her annie) and another girl (lets call her sarah). annie and me have this great history, and we've been the best of friends, and now she's got the hots for me (i was told this by one of our mutual friends of the female persuasion...patricks girlfriend actually), and i kinda have them back for her (just waiting to make that move), but the thing is, patrick turns up and woo's all the girls, takes the piss out of me at every opportunity (if you dont know what i mean by that, ask in your response), and flaunts all these songs he has on his psp (and the fact he's got a psp), and the thing is, all these songs are annies favourites, so she's there, telling him what bands to put on, and then she says he's awesome, and my heart sinks. then a girl (layla) shows up, and patrick tries to woo her too, and they play grand theft auto on his psp, but then layla's boyfriend (mick) shows up, and it doesnt really affect patrick. anyways, thats the story, if you have any questions, ask them in your response (if you respond). now, what i want to know is...do you have any devilish schemes to get patrick to not come with us (thats a really bastardly thing to ask), and dont worry, the girls dont really like him that much, only cause of his girlfriend + his psp. i would also like to know how to stop any attraction developing to him (even more bastardly) from any of the girls ESPECIALLY annie. anyways to deal with jealousy would be nice aswell


hope you reply

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Dude.. you have no control over what others do, think, say or feel... you only have control over yourself.


Have some confidence in yourself and who you are and "win" people (girls) over by just being yourself- don't result to scheming and conniving to get what you want...because nothing ...i repeat.. NOTHING good can come from it....


If you scheme these friends/girls into liking you ... you will never know if they truly like you or if they were manipulated into liking you.


Wouldn't you rather people be with you because they want to rather then it based on scheming?

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I'm not sure I understand completely but as it sounds.


-Some guy you like is paying attention to a lot of other girls

-You want to know how 'not to be attracted to him'


If he is flirting with all these other women, isn't that enough for you. You should find someone who is interested in you and won't always be flirting with the other girls in your group.

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No, some guy is getting all the attention, and he's jealous.


So you are the type of person that craves attention. I don't think there's any way to change that- the people I've met that are like that don't ever really change.


Why don't you ask Annie to hang out by yourselves?

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