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should i take a test?


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ok so, i really dont keep a calendar of the days of my period, but i know my body, and it tells me when its coming, and its not.


for starters, i know a girlfriend of mine and i have ours at almost the same time every month, so i tend to use her as my calendar every so often. i remember last month, we had ours a day apart so i turned to her-she finished 3 days ago, and she's on the pill.


my bf and i dont often have sex, but i do remember we did have unprotected sex not long after i finished my period last month.

he uses the 'pull out'method-he hates condoms...


and usually every other month my period come about the 21st or so, and its now, the 27th... should i worry?


i've got all the signs that my period is coming, and i have had those signs for 3 days now, and NOTHING.. im afraid to take a test...


what to do?

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I say, wait a few more days. Talk with your boyfriend about the possibility of getting pregnant and if you did, would you get an abortion and what happens.


Normally that sort of talk is going to de-stress you enough so that if your period IS coming, it will.


I suggest wait a week at most, though. Try not to think about it- I swear.


I had the same sort of problem, and when I relaxed it was like EXPLOSIVE. I've never had such bad cramps.



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Contrary to popular belief, stress at the end of a cycle (like now- wondering where your period is) will not delay a period. Stress can delay ovulation, which typically happens 12-16 days before your period comes. If you were stressed a few weeks ago, than it is a possibility, but not now.


If I were you, I would take a test. In the future, if you aren't ready to be a parent, look into other methods of birth control since withdrawal has a 25% chance of failure. I hope you have both been tested for STI's and been committed and exclusive for more than 6 months when you were tested.


Good luck.

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