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Talking to a cute girl in class?


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I've never been good at talking to people I don't know, and I'm horrible at meeting new people and making friends, which explains my complete lack of them. I managed to strike up a conversation with the girl sitting next to me last semester when we had quizzes we could work together on, but it never turned into anything, friendship or otherwise, although we talked in class for pretty much the whole semester. But in that situation, I had a reason to start up a conversation.


This semester, I noticed a cute girl sitting by herself in one of my classes, and I'd like to try to overcome my shyness, but I have no idea what to actually say to her. How do you start a conversation, out of the blue, with someone you don't know? I'd hate to sit down next to her, introduce myself, and have nothing else to say and look like a total ass. Any ideas?

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Yeah just ask her if you can sit next to her. Introduce yourself. Ask her if she's from around here (wherever you are) if not ask where she is from and explain where your from.


Ask her about her other classes- during lectures ask her about something you didn't hear or understand...just open up to her-think about making new friends and not the fact she's a hot girl you could potentially be with. Just be friendly and witty..girls love it!

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The most important part is opening up the door to conversation. Once you've talked to her once or twice it sorta gives you the okay to throw something more random out there.


You might ask her a question about the homework.

Or you might go sit by her and kinda figure her out a bit. Listen to the things she says in class and maybe find out what interests her. I don't mean float around her like a weirdo, but tactfully see what makes her tick.


Something that might make you seem more approachable is if you know someone nearby her that you already feel comfortable talking to. You could start a conversation with that person and see if she ends up listening... then you could ask her opinion. Same thing works if you know someone she is talking to and can find your way into the conversation.


Good luck

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