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Drunk and falling back

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It's interesting how you think she's trash but she still has the ability to make you suffer.My ex isn't trash,but she treaed me like trash at times,and yet I still yearn for her.I know deep down that it would be crazy to get back with her if she wanted me back unless she had remorse for the way she treated me.It's makes NC easier for me knowing she is a selfish person who only considers her feelings.Who wants someone who only considers their happiness.But all the same I still miss her desperately at times.I suppose love knows no boundries.

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Well, i started this day badly. Woke up with the blues and just started drinking. One turned into three, and so forth. I miss her so much, even though shes a piece of trash.


I just cant take the dreams anymorre. Dreamt we were still in the same bed, holding each other...


I hit rock bottom yesterday, I embarrased myself, my friends, disappointed and scared my family. I can't help you, because I can't help myself. I'm going to stay with my brother and his family, for an extended stay! I can't be at this place anymore. Do you have someone you can stay with? My piece of trash would love nothing more than for me keep living in this perverbial hell. Let me ask you this, would she even care that you are so down? NO! My dreams are a mixed bag of nightmares, she's cold and heartless, or wer'e happy, like the good old times. I woke up with a loaded gun by my head this morning, fully clothed, with all the lights on, and no idea how I got there. Whatever it takes for you to hit bottom, do it quick, and move on brother!


pm me, and stay in touch with these great people too. Cool?

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