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Before he left.


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he left for school the 23rd. before he left we hung out about 5 times. he cheated on her with me. i felt like crap. i know he's not a cheater but he did it. he told me he didnt want to talk to me anymore because of what happened. two days later he called, we hung out and he cheated again. that was the night before he left. we talked that night and he told me i couldnt call him while hes at school because him and his gf go to the same school. i thought it would be better with him gone, 45 minutes away. its not. he told me that his new gf doesn't have any time for him like i did. he told me he misses me, misses hanging out with me, misses my family. told me we can see if theres still something there when they break up because he knows its coming sooner or later.


i dont want to wait around, ive been doing good but he always tells me he cant talk to me and i end up hearing from him a few days later. i havent heard from him since the 22nd. maybe hes just getting used to school again and seeing people he hasnt seen for a while and when everything settles in ill get a call. idk i want to call him really bad right now thats why i came on here.


any advice?

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I'm sorry, he cheated how many times? Nope, delete his number (or atleast stop answering his calls/texts/emails). And now he has a girlfriend and wants to cheat on her with you? Yup, he's a winner. And you deserve better, so ignore him and keep yourself open to meet someone who doesn't have the need/desire to lie and cheat. And there are those great men out there.

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