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what u think of this ?


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i started dating a girl end of march. Everything was good but once in while she asked me " Do u like me?" I reassured her I did. in mid July on friday I talked to her on the phone we talked and then she says " I do not think you like me much but you are not telling me" I answered " Why would I call you if I did not like u?" So I got upset and hungup. Called her next monday and left message she did not call me back. Called her on saturday and wanted to talk to her . She is " if you wanted you could have found me. I am busy and cant talk right now" Then I saw her on birthday party later in the evening and I told her " I miss u". She replied " too late". That is it. She sent me a sms on my birthday in august and that is it. Not sure what I have done wrong? I want to call her but at the same time I do not want because I think it is done lost deal. and definitely I do not want to be friends. Do you guys think that she should reply to my call if she cared about relationship..

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find a girl that is more direct and less beating around the bush with you.


and well, you did hang up on her in anger. she might not have liked that. but the way she makes it seem is that you had a window of opportunity to fix it and you didn't. so she is completely over you it seems.


and for future, be more sure of yourself. don't ask if they like you.

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she seems insecure...the way she tried to make herself believe you didn't like her. Maybe she had someone else and she was trying to find an excuse to push you away.


It could be a lot of things but she kind of left you in the dark...maybe you didn't chase her enough.

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You hung up on her when she was having a sensitive moment. She was insecure about herself. I have had this issue and my boyfriend was absolutely brilliant with it. I am fine nowadays but had he just hung up on me one time when I was trying to see where the relationship was going, I wouldn't bother with him either.


A lot of girls can be insecure for whatever reason. If a girl is asking if you like her she obviously needs some reassurance.

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I absolutely agree I should not have hung up and acted on impulse but it feels that she will always will doubt my affection to her and always question it and I always have to prove to her.. To me that does not sound healthy but I might be wrong. I am 30 and she is 23 BTW

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an update:


I deleted her from facebook list and she sent me an email after couple of months:

"seriously, why did you delete me from facebook list , come on"

so I looked at her profile and violated NC and saw she has pictures with dude right after we got into argument( july). So the accusation of me not having feelings for her is just an excuse for her to cause breakup and hook up with the dude. So it looks like I wanted to break up and she is innocent. DAMN I am angry and fuming. Sorry I had to vent and better do it here and not somewhere else.

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