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I really need in depth opinions on this


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I was wondering everyone's opinion on the definition of culture.


I listened to a lecture today about the broad-ranging debates which have gone on about the concept of culture during the pastcentury.






I'm writing a paper on societies opinion/definition of culture.


I would love to have your opinions

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I had a think about it and still think this is a hard question! I've lived in a few countries so culture is something I've picked up from both family and the people in countries I've lived in. Culture is almost anything to me - behaviour, beliefs, habits, taste, traditions. For me it's fundamentally about identification and understanding. If you have been exposed to a certain culture, you will be part of a larger group of people. It's not like you're shunned for not being part of a group, but coming to a group and already understanding the culture allows for quicker transition into a group as opposed to someone who doesn't understand it.


I hope that's made sense!

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It's all subjective but here's something you might be able to use. I read somewhere that culture is something you only know (in your own country) if you get to know another's culture in a different country. It's like you need something to compare it to. You can't see it unless you leave it and then come back.


This is why living in a foreign country or even a different place in your own country (if it's large and diverse) is such a great idea for personal development.


It's all wrapped up with language and religion and social mores etc,

It's also interesting about the collective "hate" of a neighboring country- it's almost like a unifiying force within a country. Some Europeans are still mighty suspicious of Germany (WWII) and eastern europeans have Russia issues as well. Thankfully the Americans seem to have forgiven the Canadians for burning down the Whitehouse in 1812!


Here's a fasnicating book that might be able to help you:


Kiss, bow, or shake hands : how to do business in sixty countries / Terri Morrison, Wayne A. Conaway, George A. Borden

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Nature and nurture both play a main role, when it comes to ones culture. As a child I acquired behaviors, habits and beliefs from my parents and relatives. I have adapted to my surroundings and societies, inevitably taking in others cultures after moving over the course of my life. Close friends have introduced me to new music, food and art, to enable me to open my eyes and mind to other cultures. Culture is a variety of definitions and I have decided that culture is all of them. From a child to an adult, we grow to become our own person, to make our own choices and to be independent. As a child we automatically take in and inhabit what we are around, whether it’s the type of music our families listen to, the food we eat, the beliefs and holidays we celebrated, I was automatically introduced to these traits which was my culture. As I grew older, I met all types of people with a variety of backgrounds and cultures. I began to appreciate their traditions and even things they did for fun. I have come to the conclusion that culture is who I am and where I came from, beliefs and habits I have adopted from other cultures and my generations expectations and tendencies in terms of music, art, beliefs and food.

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