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hey all,

well as you may know as ive been talking about it alot ..my b/f broke up with me .... now .. as the days go by ... im missing him sooo much ! i never thought i'd feel this way about a guy ... but well here i am i know im still in love with him .. and i know i am going to be for a long time ...

My question : how can i stop myself from missing him so much ... see other people ?

go out more ?

stay in more?

im totally open to any suggestions so please do post !

Thanx for reading

Mrsmalakian x

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im sorry to hear that. i don't know or i would tell you. all i have to say is keep your head up and remember you are a great person and there will be another person just as good or better out there for you. if you need to talk just pm me-k- im here like all the time.

see ya,

love Qtpie87

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Yes, there is a cure for all the hurt you and everyone else is going through and it is Time and it even comes in a time relaesa formula. Sorry about the dry humor, but sounded like you needed a little smile. But time heals all and in due time you too will feel the release of the hurt. Sorry, there is no quick cure and there is only time. The key is what you do with this time. How are you making yourself better, while you wait oout the hurt?

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