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getting back after cheating


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my ex dumped me a while back after a nightmare long distance relationship which ended in me cheatin on her for various reasons (the lack of of seeing her, loneliness and the lack of her effort while long term). Now she says she could never get back cos she wouldn't be able to forget about what I did. In a way i kind of understand her as I'm sure it's something you could never forget. I just wondered if there is anyone out there who has overcome such a problem and go t back together successfully.

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IMO, there is never any good enough reason for people to cheat.


Well said.


Not one reason you can come up with is a good enough reason to betray and hurt someone like that Dawonkstaa.


You were in the wrong and I don't blame her if she chooses not to be with you ever again.


And to answer your question, hardly any relationship continues after cheating. The trust is wiped out completely.


No trust = No relationship.


Usually the person that was cheated on can't get past the feelings of betrayal, distrust, insecurity and heartbreak.


If I were you I would try harder in the future to consider a girlfriends feelings and love for you before stabbing her in the back like that.

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To answer your question, yes people can recover from cheating. It does happen. However, as difficult as it is to reconcile from a "normal" break-up it's even much more so with one that has been broken up due to infidelity.


First off the betrayed partner most of the time will end the relationship and has no incli8nation to ever get back with the betrayer. That's the price to pay for cheating.


Secondly often the betrayer has lost respect for betrayed and no relationship can work with a loss of respect.


Third even if you do reconcile it's a nasty and arduous process.


So while yes it happens it takes a ridiculous effort for it to happen.

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My wife of 13 years had an affair 2 years ago. We have 3 children and decided to keep it together. We left two well paying jobs and our dream home to relocate and get a fresh start. This weekend my sister in law called asking to talk to my wife. I told her that she was supposed to be there. Her sister had no knowledge of any trip. After talking to her, I went through her car and dresser drawers. Found more than enough evidence: Phone bills, digital photo frame with numerous photos, told me a new ring was from her grandmother only to find a box from a high end jewlery store hidden in the trunk of her car. I found a business card of her lover and called the cell number, it went to VM with a message he would return the same day she was returning. He lives in the UK, we live in the US. I found out this Sat and she comes home tonight.... Never again.

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