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Are we growing apart?


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Me and my boyfriend are still in high school, I am a senior and he's a junior. We have been friends since we met three years ago, and the friendship took its natural course heading into an unexpected relationship that has thus far lasted for six months.


It was great at first, he was sweet and caring and treated me really well. He still is great, but I'm beginning to see a change in our relationship. He just doesn't seem as devoted to us as he used to be, sometimes he just seems bored. I am having doubts that this should keep going, but I there really is no reason why is should not.


On top of that, I've recently noticed qualities that I'm not sure I like. He's occasionally jealous of my guy friend (our mutual friend who liked me) and gets frustrated easily. I know he tries no to be because we've discussed this stuff, but it makes me fear what will happen if this progresses further.


Still we have our good moments and bad just like any other couple. Sometimes we get along great and sometimes we get on each other's nerves. This causes me to believe that it is just a hurdle in our relationship that we must overcome.


I'm not quite sure what my question is, but I think I just need advice from people more experienced than I. By the way, he is my first boyfriend, first kiss, and the first guy I have felt completely comfortable with. I just really need help!

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Your a senior your going off to college, maybe hes just scared about that, scared that you have a guy friend who likes you and that you hang out with, who is probably going off to college too. So hes just a bit insecure or backing off because your leaving the school soon. That or you should just talk to him because you can't read a guys mind.

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