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Quick advice on birthday present!


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I want to get a friend of mine a little something something for her birthday.

Nothing big and not just something random. Something that shows that I made an effort to think.


She's really big on word puzzles and riddles etc - and also very good at them!

I was thinking that there must be a book out there with word puzzles and riddles but i can't seem to find anything suitable.


I'm looking for something that's challenging for an adult - the most challenging stuff i can find. All I've found so far are riddles for kids.


Any ideas?



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Hmmmm- what about


link removed


"One of the earliest types of folk wisdom from the grand old oral traditions, the riddle was a favourite form of word play for many of history's greatest minds, from Aristotle to James Joyce. A WORLD TREASURY OF RIDDLES is a collection of the best riddles from around the world, collected by mythologist and scholar Phil Cousineau. While most riddle books are oriented to children, Cousineau has created this treasury to appeal to both adults and older children."

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