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5-Weeks of NC, thinking of sending this message.


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I'll be making a final deposit that will be significantly larger than the $40-$60 I discussed previously. This, along with what you've taken out already should technically cover the entirety of the credit card bill, the costs to repair your bumper, as well as the remaining months on my Universal pass. Once you've withdrawn the money, don't worry about closing the account, I'll make time to go in. Just letting you know so you didn't worry it was a mistake of some sort. I hope all is going well. Take care.


- (me)

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I think thats a really bad email. First off you start with " I can't respect your desire..,,for independence etc. Then just some of the words that stand out are...emotional torture...... destructive need.... bend your words.... inspire personal delusions... tactics... jealous" these words for me outweigh any of the good words like friendship, miss you, like to talk again etc.


Don't send it. Just keep doing what you were doing, I don't think you're ready.

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I edited the OP. I do feel a need to send an e-mail as I do think it would confuse her to see so much more than originally planned going in so quickly, and then closing the account out of the blue. But not only was the e-mail unfriendly, but it was just more personal than it needed to be.

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It's a good letter, very mature and business like.


Although, the reply is also going to probably be in the same tone. If that's what you expect, than you're good to go.


After my breakup, my ex and I had some financial items to take care of, as well. At first our emails were incredibly cold and business sounding. I mean, I had warmer conversations with the cashier at 711. The LC was necessary to clear up our financial obligations, but it was made so much harder by the fact that my exchanges with this person had come to the point where neither one of us showed any sort of emotion at all.


So, I lightened up a bit in the emails and joked around a little. She immediately reciprocated. I guess she was being cold because I was being cold and I was being cold because she was being cold and once I stopped this circular 'coldness', our exchanges became much less depressing for me.


Just my personal thoughts.

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