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What should I get my boyfriend for our 2 year anniversary? Need ideas!


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How about the small ipod shuffle in a cool color, you can have it engraved and make him a playlist 300 songs long and give it to him loaded with all that music that you want to remind him of you. I did that for my ex when we were together and it is nice to know she still listens to all those love songs in the same order I made for her. Go to link removed and start working on the playlist now.

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I like that idea that Nearwater gave. I created a CD for my current OH when we first met to listen to whilst I'm driving with him in the car (even though I hate his taste in music!).


When I was with my ex, on our third year, I tried to make things very personalised so I gathered together a whole list of personalised presents for him. I gave him:


- personalised cufflinks,

- a t-shirt with a pic of me and him that I had created professionally,

- another t-shirt of our good times with his friends and my friends into a collage (we shared the same friends so it was easy and wrote a message on it.

- I made a mug that had his picture on it with mine and then around the top rim and bottom rim wrote a personalised message. Half the mug had a pic and the other half had a message from me.

- I got him a personalised teddy bear which wore a jacket but if you opened the front of the jacket, there was a pic of us together plus a message he could openly show to others and on the back of the t-shirt which only he knew about, I wrote a message of love.

- I got a big banner created professionally of how much I loved him,

- got him a scroll celebrating important dates that fell on that particular date (16th July!),

- I got a frame made of crystal glass and personalised that with a message plus our names and date and put a picture of us together,

- I made a DVD for him of our moments together.

- I also got him a keyring with a photo of me and him on it together. And he loved that the most. It wasn't a printed photo but done professionally where the actual picture is on the metal keyring and then got the other side engraved with a message. He loved this one the most.


Finally, obviously for the card, I created my own card which I then got printed professionally so it looked personalised but professional. It had a pic of me and him together, some ribbons then the date printed plus his name on the card and they also did an inlay for me too! It looked awesome.


I wrapped all of it up in silver wrapping and I then bought a personalised gift bag. The gift had his name on it and just a generic picture (they couldn't do one of us but nevertheless, it was very unique.


I must say he was in absolute awe and he loved it sooooooo much. And the best thing was I did most of the stuff on eBay and just cost me around £100-£150! I think he liked all the personalised touch because of the effort I put into creating it and cos he could tell it was my creation and no other help. He had tears in his eyes because he couldn't believe I did that much and it just made the moment so special. From the sounds of your guy, I'd think he would do the same.


Let us know what you do decide to get him in the end and hope I've given some ideas. xxx

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On our first anniversary I made a scrapbook, it was cute and simple and just a little something as we weren't big on anniversaries and he loved it.

Now, every year he looks forward to them. Pictures and little mementos thrown together in a book that captures the past year together..he goes nuts over them.


We generally tend to spend money on doing something, as opposed to a gift.

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Anytime Have you decided what you will get him/do for him then?


I really liked your keyring + ipod shuffle ideas!! I think I'm going to get a personalised keyring, and maybe also an ipod shuffle loaded with all of our favourite songs not entirely sure yet but I'm thinking this will be the way to go! Thank you so much again for the suggestions. More to come would also be great!



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does he like adventures?


What about doing something rather than buying something.


Presents I have enjoyed from boyfriends were



-bungee jumping

-surprised me with a niiiiice dinner and then a hotel... (then create your own surprises! )

-taking him somewhere for a weekend.

-cooking him dinner and then some.


How much do you want to spend? I think its more about what you do than what you buy.

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does he like adventures?


How much do you want to spend? I think its more about what you do than what you buy.


Ideally, I don't want to spend much. I'm a firm believer on not having to spend giant amounts of money to prove that you love someone. BUT I know he'll spend a considerable amount on me. So... I guess I'd like to get something that isn't cheap, but not over the top, but perfectly personal and sweet.

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