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No longer nervous... - part 2


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I met him! I'm recounting things for those who want to know how it went.


Answering CaudusNuvem... we met on an online game that has a very small player base, and at that time the age difference between us was as such that nothing romantic resulted from our chatting. In actuality, for the several years we've known each other, we've never had a period (until the past few months) where we chatted with each other feverishly.


Anyway, a few years into chatting we decided that we wanted to eventually meet, because we at least had a great friendship online. It was a combination of financial inability, and not really knowing how much the other meant, that prevented us from meeting sooner. Cause let's face it... plane tickets don't grow on trees. I DID, however, promise him that I would go see him and was fully intending to. I would actually go as far as to say that Facebook had a role in bringing us closer... just because of all of the videos and pictures -- about a year ago, we decided that there was no way we couldn't get along, and that we meant enough to each other to see one another at least once. And then romantic feelings developed... and we ended up meeting sooner than we thought we would.




And now for what happened, in cheesey detail:


I took transit to the airport for the first time. It's west of the city and I'm on the east end, so it was kind of fun. I was actually MORE nervous the day before the day I was supposed to see him, than the day itself. I knew I had to accept the fact that whatever happened, I just wanted to see him and get to know him in person.


I got to the airport about an hour early... not bad, because I wanted time to go the washroom several times out of nervousness, etc. So I'm at arrivals, and finally his flight number pops up on the screen and I'm basically, "!!!!" And THEN -- LO -- I see (for all you Canadians out there) DON CHERRY, coming through arrivals. That really helped quell nervousness. It made me CRACK UP. He was wearing one of his snazzy suits, as per usual.


So then I get a text message from my friend saying he's waiting for his luggage and to go find him at gate 3. So I go there. And I spot him right away. And he's totally not looking anywhere near my direction. So I end up having to do the *pokes your back* type of thing, which I really didn't want to do... but he reacted by giving me a big squeeze and kiss. He made me feel comfortable right away.


I was going to make a post about this, but I figured I would get a huge amount of unneeded flack for it so I refrained: I knew my parents would be wholly adverse to me meeting a guy from online (they know about him already anyway), so I didn't tell them... which meant we had to stay somewhere that was not my home, as I'm still living with my parents currently. So we went to a hotel. And stayed in the same room. And bunked together. No more details on this.


And yes, I WAS feeling very nervous about that prospect directly before we met... because things can go well with someone, but actually sleeping beside them?! You've never MET the person!


...but he was exactly what I expected. And we got along swimmingly. It was one of those situations where we didn't do who knows what (we went to a few museums and the like... some places were total flops and I should have planned things differently)... but it didn't matter, because the company was good.


We spent a huge amount of time watching The Office. *guilty as charged*


My favourite memory: he decided to buy a small tub of cookie dough ice cream, but we didn't have any spoons. So he went around to various restaurants and cafes trying to get a spoon... to no avail. So we sat around in the hotel for a moment trying to pick at the ice cream with stir sticks. And then I miraculously came up with the idea to use bottle caps as spoons. Yeeeahhh... I'm a retard. It worked better than the stir sticks though, and was hilarious.


I could write more but... that's enough, I think. I'm apprehensive about some things, and our future, but there's no point in dwelling on that for now... and I have yet to see what results when we chat online again when he gets back.

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Thanks for answering my question and sharing your experience! =] That sounds like quite an awesome time you had (along with some funny things in between like the ice cream XD). Hope things continue to get better in the future I'll be rooting for ya' It'd be cool to hear more sometime, too ^^


Also, sorry for replying so late to your updated post. Threads seem to move so fast onto the next page on this forum D:

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