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Some days are so much easier

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Well I have regretted getting divorced off an on and today is one of those don't regret it times. I saw him while exchanging our daughter and his teeth are just awful, he needs to see a dentist. That would be something I would tell him and out of spite or whatever he'd never go. Now in a loving relationship you'd take the nudge and go to the dentist. Not him, which is one of the many reasons we're divorced. I couldn't take his lack of self-care, he showered daily but didn't shave, get regular hair cuts, go to regular doctors appointments, or dental appointments, etc...


But still that part of me wonders if his girlfriend is putting up with this stuff. That's the part I want so hard to let go of but my family is basically pissed at me for divorcing him despite his quams and actions, so I may not ever be over that part.

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