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He comes back today...


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Incase you haven't been following my threads... my heart was broken by a brazilian ahole racecar driver...



he comes back today.


I have been NC since the 12th. I really want to run into him.


On the plus side I deleted his number, so I have no way of reaching him.


I ended up hanging out with the 40 year old and had a lot of fun. I'm 21. Does age really matter?

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see when I met him I didn't know his age. I mean I knew he was older but I didn't think he was that old. Once i found out his age I had already started to kinda like him. I'm not talking goo goo ga ga - but I really enjoy his company. Maybe we can just be friends. I think he just likes to date. He dated a girl and was engaged for a couple years but she ended up moving to a different state for her career, and he couldn't leave his here. I guess they tried long distance, but it just didn't work. They haven't spoken in years.


I don't know! i NEVER thought I would go for an older guy.

I know all of you think I am just this stupid gold digger, but I honetly don't know how much these guys make until I already like them.

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