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Is this too good to be true?


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I return to college in a week, excited to begin the upcoming year. Making things even more exciting is that it appears a girl I've only met a few times told me she wants to hang out with me - ASAP.


Seems normal enough, right? Not quite. You see, I've only met this girl a couple of times, and none of these meetings lasted long at all. A few buddies of mine were at a party and she made her way over to us to make a wisecrack at the frat's "entertainment" for the night (some contest). If I remember correctly, we didn't talk to her or her friends for really long, and I was the only one of my friends to actually introduce themself. I figured she had a bf since she is stunningly attractive. After we became "Facebook friends" (that's the new trend I discovered she was single. I ran into her the next day and we wound up talking for a few more minutes. After this encounter and a couple subsequent facebook posts (that she began), I figured that was it. She seemed cool, but I didn't really know her and maybe we'd run into each other next year...


...well, fate has a funny way of creating opportunities. Sometime in early July, I get a message from her - she says she forgot my number and asks if she can have it back. Considering I only met her a few times and we never had exchanged numbers, I figured it was sent to multiple people. Regardless, I gave her my number and asked how her summer was going. To make things short, this turned into over a month of us keeping in touch and now she is "really excited" to see me again when I get back to school and that we'd hang out.


Now I thought this was just her being nice...apparently she may have been serious. This weekend, she is making her first trip to a major city that I live just under an hour away from. Knowing I live rather close to the city, she texted me saying she was on her way and that she really hoped I could visit the city too so I'd see her (she was with a guy friend - trust me they're not anything more). I can't really make it to the city for a substantial amount of time this weekend, and I told her that (a few friends are leaving back for college, and then I have some other things I need to do). She sounded a little bummed, but she knows I'll see her in a week anyway, so she was excited about that. She also wants to visit the city again with me this coming semester (possibly more than once) - in fact, she's said this several times.


So, where's the catch I'm missing (does she only see me as a friend, is she still just being really nice)? I haven't actually seen this girl in 4 months, we've only even met a couple of times, yet she seems crazy about me. Sure, we've kept in touch for a good part of the summer and I've used some C+F (cocky & funny), but could this really be all it takes? I mean, in recent history I've had a little trouble getting a date. All of a sudden, a girl who is both really cool and is one of the most attractive girls I've ever spoken with, is "super excited" to see me, she's contacting me whenever she's near, and she already envisions us making a few trips to the big city during the school year)? Seems almost too good to be true...

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Budman - What you said seems to be working for the time being, as I've actually figured this all along. As I mentioned before, I've seen her twice (both for real short periods) and this whole summer-keeping in touch thing began with a short, maybe-mass sent PM. Over time, we just kept talking and now it's been built up enough that we're in line to hang out as soon as I get to school. Two months ago, I barely knew this girl. Now it could become something much, much more. I guess the good vibes going both ways is always a positive thing too.


DaBladeRoden - Don't get so down on yourself. If it helps, I'm nowhere close to a success in the dating world. My yes/no ratio when asking girls out is really not pretty, and my last few attemps have all ended not-happily. Just know that your time will definitely come. Mine hasn't yet, but I know sometime soon it will. In this situation that I'm in now, this girl sounds more excited to see me than maybe any other girl I've met, which is good. I really think this one can work, and this girl, if we start dating, will blow the girl who I once thought was "really great" (who had rejected me this past February) out of the water - both looks wise and personality wise.


If anyone has any other thoughts about this situation (refer to the first post here), feel free to comment. I can use all the insight I can get.

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Any girl who says she is excited to see you, is interested in you. I mean, I say I'm excited to see my bestfriends because I LOVE seeing them. I don't say that about pretty much anyone else, unless its someone I'm interested in. I don't say that to my guy friends. So I am thinking she is interested in you.


Consider yourself lucky and see how this one plays out!


I sure hope your right I still find it odd how I only actually met her twice (again for real brief periods), but by keeping in touch over the summer, she could possibly be interested in me? I guess anything is possible, and this girl seems really cool.


As I was writing this, I got a text from her asking what there is to do in the city right now (I joked on the phone Saturday that I could be her tour guide since she didn't know the city well at all...apparently this was no joke).


Considering it's a bit past 1am on a Sunday night, there really isn't a whole lot open. I suggested perhaps visiting the park/commons area as long as there are lights...and then I had to use some C+F so I told her that some "secret fun places" I know of will have to wait until we take our trip to the city, and also all those places are closed right now anyway.

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