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A case of the ex?


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Alright, I've signed up to put this scenario to you guys and hopefully get some idea of what I'm feeling in this situtation is justified or not. My girlfriend will be reading this as well, so you all know it's the flat (MOSTLY) unbiased truth!


I have a situation where my girlfriend and I broke up, she moved out and things were over. We both moved on and casually saw other people. Now, after about 4 months we came back into each others lives and are dating again. Our reactions to this greatly differ!


She still talks to this guy, she's known him for a while (4 years) and while they're not 'seeing' one another she still see's him as a friend. It is in my opinion that he has a thing for her, considering that an excerpt from the chat logs reads:


(3:14 PM) The Devil *: Forgot what we were talking bout but i remember sayin "oh do u want to go out"? then we got into the convo that you couldnt date sum1 that takes drugs anyway...

(3:14 PM) buff bagwell: yeh....couldnt make it official didnt mean stop seeing me and find sum1 else

(3:16 PM) The Devil *: I wanted to still see you A****, but for me drugs is kinda my thing i tried to quit but yeh not gonna happen so i thought theres no point in trying any way

(3:17 PM) buff bagwell: kinda figured that....oh well * * * * happens ay, ill leave ya dvd in the letterbox so get it weneva. cactha

(3:17 PM) The Devil *: Sorry a****. bye


Yes, my girlfriend is aware of me posting this, names have been censored, just in case !


In most of the times he has contact with her, he seems to have his small ways of needling at me. For example, offering him and a friend to 'spit' her. If you don't know what that is, do a google search with the safe filter turned on. Drunken phone calls trying to get her to come out with him and other assorted irritations. Would like to add as a note that when she put him on the spot about the 'spit' remark, he claimed that it was a drunken joke.


I've managed to turn the cheek as she shoots him down (kindly) for the better part of a month, but it's really starting to get to me? Am I one that's over reacting or is my girlfriend correct when she says that "She can't see anything wrong with what they're sending" (They're refers to A*** and his friend_).

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I'm already an active user of Armadax Keylogger, and she's been honest with me regarding what he says.


Don't get me wrong, she's told him that his behavior is inappropriate, and I know that she won't cheat on me with anyone. I'm just sick and tired of having to swallow the way that I feel and turn the other cheek to this guy. If something doesn't give soon, I'm worried that I'll end up snapping and doing or saying something that I'll regret.


To clear things up (I don't want to sound like we're a whacked out heroin couple or anything), when he and she both refer to drugs, it's in reference to the fact that we'll both smoke a little of the whacky weed on weekends.

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