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How to tell him it doesn't work for me?


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So I'm not incredibly good at talking about things like this, especially with a new partner. My problem is that my new boyfriend and I just recently ventured into the realms of "not-missionary" positions during sex. He obviously has a favorite because he goes to position me this way every time now, it's like a lying down position with him behind. Like a lying down version of doggie style. My problem: I can't get off that way. Never have been able too with any "from behind" position. I feel absolutely nothing. By the way, is this an uncommon problem? I've read about women who love doggie style, etc, positions... Never once have I felt anything, even a tingle of sensation from this position... any way...


I wouldn't consider myself a prude, but how do I tell him I don't like his obvious favorite position?

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Just out tell him that you do not like it. There are many positions and you can do as many as you like in a session. Nothing is set is stone. Do some things you like and some things he likes. It is all about COMMUNICATION. Everything without communication is not going to be good. Sit down and have a talk. or take the onus on you and YOU change position when you are doing the deed.

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Don't tell him - just take it


Seriously just be honest about it. Say it doesn't feel as good for you. If he still wants to do it occasionally just think of it as not being sex but helping him to get off- like using your hand on him or giving a BJ. You might not get much satisfaction but you do it because you want him to be satisfied.

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