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I was just thinking about getting a new piercing (im running out of space!), and nipple sprung to mind and although im not considering get this done, thought i might do a little reading up of other peoples experiances.

I read quite a few people going on about how their nipples became so much more sensitive and pleasurable which really made me wonder if im alone in the fact i hate my nipples being touched/sucked/played with?

If someone gently strokes them for a second or two, then thats fine....but any prelonged play, even softly or any rough touching just feels horrible! Its not painful or oversensitive, it just makes me feel sick! its such a horrible sensation, cant begin to explain! Just wondering if any other women feel like this?


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I had one of mine done almost 5 years ago, it's still there. Although it is only a tad more sensitive, it's nothing mind-blowing. One thing you will find is that when you sleep with someone a lot of their a attention is focused on the nipple ring for a while. It's a toy they enjoy playing with, so if you don't enjoy a lot of focus on that area I'd say either don't get it done or at least tell you partner it makes you uncomfortable. The difference in sensitivity isn't huge, and the other one feels somewhat rejected at times lol


There are also other hazards of nipple piercing that some people don't think about. Things falling from overhead for example. My shower-head once fell and where else would it land but right on the piercing? It bled and even though I tried my best to clean it it became infected after a few days. After a lot of love and care, saline solutions and betadine, the infection subsided. It was anything but a pleasant experience and quite painful. It also wasn't the first time I'd been injured there, but it was the worst by far.


From personal experience I'd say that although I enjoy my piercing at times, it's not really worth it.

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I had mine pierced...which my husband seems to think is incredibly hot...but that's not why I did it.


There was a lot of thought that went into it before hand and none of it had to do with it being trendy or looking cute or looking sexy or the jewelry. Nope. I had gone through a very, very difficult year at the job from hell where I was surrounded by a bunch of incompetent (mostly) male co-workers and supervisors and lived to tell the tale, I was fast approaching 40 and I was looking for some way to acknowledge these transitions and the navigation through some difficult times.


Getting a body modification fit the bill on a lot of different levels. Getting my nipples pierced did all the above things I was looking for plus it was, in some ways, a very conscious, concrete acknowledgement that I wasn't going to be using that body part for its intended purpose -- i.e. feeding a baby. It was very "I am woman, hear me roar."


The pain was brief, but intense. Sore for, oh, a week or so afterward. Even following the aftercare instructions meticulously I developed a minor infection on the left one about 6 months later that caused me to remove it to avoid having greater problems. I still have the right one. It'll be 5 years this October.


The increased nipple sensitivity was there for a few months then things pretty much went back to normal.


As with all body mods (tattoos, piercings) I'd strongly suggest you do a lot of research on the specific aftercare instructions for the piercing or tattoo area you're considering, learn as much as you can about other people's outcomes (the good, the bad and the ugly) with similar piercings or tats, research and interview your piercer or artist before you let them do anything -- if you're not comfortable talking to them, don't let them stab you or ink you, and spend a good chunk of time considering *why* you want to get this done.


IMO, you're more likely to regret this down the road if you're doing it because you think it looks cute or hot or it's the trendy/cool thing to do...and less likey to regret it if there is some personally significant reason (not having anything to do with romance/romantic partners....) behind it.

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I tried sooo hard to convince my boyfriend to get this done but he wouldn't! I've heard it hurts a lot though. I know a couple guys who did it & they passed out afterward.. pretty big tough guys too.


As for having mine touched.. its okay. Its not like it feels fantastic but it doesn't bother me... certainly not a bad feeling. My boyfriend loves playing with them so he's got full access

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